B. C. D. E. The showcases

Section 1: Sami Identity

The showcases

The showcases (from left to right):

B Looking at The Sami

”They can outrun wild animals through high snow.” Adam of Bremen, c. 1040-1085

Throughout history, people from other societies have looked at the Sami with very different eyes: Some with wonder – others with quite a vivid fantasy; some with the researcher’s scientific glasses – others through a camera lens and an artist’s eye; some with respect – while others have wanted to change us.


C Our Identity

When we, ourselves, are presenting our culture, which symbols do we chose?

Our culture is not homogeneous but manifold. Every generation finds new symbols reflecting its Sami identity. History does not stand still…


D Traditional Costumes

For many, the traditional costume is more than a garment.

Raise your head

Uncover your breast cloth

Not letting yourself bee subdued…

Stig Gælok “Vuonak… from the fjords”, 1986


E Our Religion

Our Christian faith is our own.

The Lutheran revival movement Laestadianism: Here are the spiritual values – not the worldly and fleeting ones. Here is also the community; the congregation is a fellowship rooted in the former sijdda or township society.