The language board

Section 1: What does it mean to be Sami?

The language board:

Comments: This board presents the Lulesami language in written and in spoken words (put your ear to the loudspeakers on the board). Not surprisingly many Sami states that the Sami language is the basis for their Sami identity. During most part of the 20th century the language was considered worthless and inferior by the government and most Norwegians. Sami language was even banned from schools and school yards. I guess you can imagine how hurtful this was for many Sami people, since the language is a basic element of a persons` identity. Even if you speak several languages it is by the mother tongue you best can express your inner most feelings to your loved ones. Here is an example from the texts on the board:



Today the Lulesami language is on the rise, in spite of the fact that it is threatened with extinction.


* * *


If you are tired and need a break you may sit down in one of the blue chairs, put earphones on, and listen to traditional Sami psalms of this area.