Bååstede - the return of sámi cultural heritage

The repatriation of cultural heritage is an issue of great interest to many indigenous peoples as well as to countries that were once subject to foreign domination and exploitation.

This book describes one case that has had a positive outcome: the Bååstede project, which resulted in the return of some 1,600 objects originating from the Sámi people in Norway. In the book, museum experts, many of whom were directly involved in the project, present their opinions and discuss various aspects of the process. The presentations also point to challenges ahead, as there are still many Sámi objects in collections elsewhere in Europe that should be repatriated. In a wider perspective, how can the case of the Sámi be of relevance to other indigenous peoples? How can international conventions and national legislation facilitate such requests? The aim of the book is to inspire communities and activists who are engaged in similar issues of return around the world.

ISBN: 978-82-8305-108-7. Museumsforlaget, 2021. 184 s. Heftet. 390.- (kan kjøpes gjennom Biblioteksentralen, Adlibris og haugenbok blant andre)

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Bååstede - the return of sámi cultural heritage