The showcases

The showcases:

”They can run past the wild animals through the deep snow” (Adam of Bremen, ca 1040-1085).

People from other societies have throughout history had many different views on the Sami: some with wonder – others with a quite vivid imagination

Some with the scientists` glasses – others through camera lenses and an artists` view

Some with respect – while others have tried to change us


Comments: Unfortunately some people tend to generalize and look upon the Sami as a homogeneous group, and in the showcase nearest to the entrance we have displayed some of the stereotypes that have prevailed about the Sami people.


Which symbols do we choose ourselves to portray our culture?

Our culture is not homogeneous, but diverse

Every new generation finds new symbols to reflect its’ Sami affinity.

History does not stand still…


Comments: In this showcase we let Sami people themselves show some items that reflects their Sami identity. As you can see the items are very diverse, and quite different from the view on Sami that comes forward in the previous showcase.