Portrait wall and map

Section 1: What does it mean to be Sami?

Section 1: What does it mean to be Sami?

Portrait wall and map.

Comments: The map shows the areas in Fenno-Scandinavia which the Sami traditionally habitate. In most of this area we are a minority, also here in Nord-Salten and Tysfjord. The enlarged map shows the Lulesami language area (emphasized with different colour). Notice that the language groups stretches across today`s national borders. The text on this board goes as follows:


Noen er frimerkesamlere etc. …


Comments: The last text is meant to give you a fundamental basis in the understanding of Sami identity: namely to view the Sami primarily as individuals belonging to the same ethnic group. The large wall of portraits emphasizes this view, and shows the many faces of a people. Our intention is to give individual faces to an ethnic group; the Sami people. Between the portraits runs quotes which expresses different views on what different people consider essential for their Sami identity – or; what it is that makes them Sami:




Comments: To conclude with the essence of our “quest” to find the Sami identity: there is no sole answer to what makes people Sami. The Sami identity is as diverse as all the individual members of the Sami society – just as the Sami culture is manifold