C7 Sami Boatbuilding

Sami Boatbuilding

C7 Sami Boatbuilding

The Sami living along the coast have always been dependent on using boats. They have taken part in the development of the Nordland boat and were building the larger types as well as the small types.

In the 20th century, they also built modern fishing boats of 25-30 feet – initially in wood, later on in fibreglass.

Pretender to the Throne, Sigurd Slembe, spent the winter of 1138- 39 in Northern Halogaland with the dethroned King Magnus the Blind. 

Snorre is writing in Heimskringla:

But Sigurd Slembe, Magnus the Blind and Thorleif Skjappa sailed outside the isles with three ships north to Halogaland. Magnus was in winter (A.D. 1139) north in Bjarkey Isle with Vidkun Jonson. But Sigurd had the stem and stern-post of his ship cut out, made a hole in her, and sank her in the inner part of Egisfjord, and thereafter he passed the winter at Tialdasund by Gljufrafjord in Hin. It is said that Sigurd made the Laplanders construct two boats for him during the winter up in the fjord and they were fastened together with deer sinews, without nails, and with twigs of willow instead of knees, and each boat could carry twelve men. These boats were so light that no ship could overtake them in the water.