B3. The Handloom

The Handloom

Wool was carded, spun and weaved. Before the spinning wheel came into use, spinning was done by a spindle.

The loom stood upright, the warp held tight with the help of stones.

These looms were already in use in the Bronze Age (1800-500 BC).

Among the Sami this loom became more common as the sheep gradually became a part of the farming stock.

In Norse Middle Age society, the loom was more and more common and the former method of weaving became obsolete.

Among the Sami, the old-fashioned loom was still in use and in modern times tapestries woven on it. In Manndalen in Troms, weaving is still done this way.

Item 1 Arrowhead

Iron arrowhead found at Kjøpsvik, Tysfjord, dated 400-600 AD.

Item 2 Spinning Wheel

Soapstone spinning wheel found in a turf hut at Saltfjellet, dated 1300-1400 AD.

Item 3 Weaving Weight

Soapstone weaving weights found at Forså, Tysfjord and at Bonå, Sørfold.